Marketing Your Home

Many REALTOR®s have experience staging homes, or they might bring in a professional stager to arrange your place like a model home.

As your REALTOR®, I market your home in multiple ways:
  • Research the market to identify potential buyers to target for direct mail.
  • Digital media marketing online with vendors and on social media. Some properties need a single property website, depending on your criteria.
Once you’ve made a commitment to sell your home, I become your REALTOR® representing you! I establish a list price, it’s time to work with me to market your property so it sells as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about my marketing plan for you, just ask. The more you know about the process of selling your home the easier it is to support my efforts. Remember to tell me what you love best about your home and community that can be incorporated into your marketing materials.

I Have Some Pre-Marketing Suggestions For My Clients

On day your home goes on the market you should check to be sure it’s in prime condition. The second thing is that is it is priced right to attract your most potential buyers.

While I can help you determine an appropriate price or offer suggestions to make your home more appealing, it is your job to put in time and get your home in top pristine, order and clean to remove clutter or personal touches.

We do this because buyers want to see homes where they can visualize themselves living in. If buyers see an messy rooms or closets and disorderly areas, it gives the appearance of space limitations or making rooms appear smaller than they are.